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Based on the esteemed 1925 Nation prize-winning poem by Eli Siegel, this dramatic and colorful montage, combining photographs, live-action and special effects, takes us on a wonderful odyssey to show how a hot afternoon in Montana is related to the whole world–people, places, things, events–past and present.

1. “Best US Short”2006 Avignon/New York Film Festival

2. “Grand Festival Award in the Arts”—Berkeley Film & Video Festival

3. “Aurora Platinum Best-in-Show”—Aurora Film Festival

4. “Gold Remi”—Worldfest, Houston 39th International Film & Video Festival

5. “Best Experimental Short Film"—Big Apple Film Festival, NY

6. “Best Experimental Short Film, 2005"—Long Island Film Festival

7. “Achievement Award for Mixed Form”—Putnam Valley Arts Film Festival

Official Film Festival Selections: New York/Avignon, NY & Avignon, France; Ecocine, Brazil; Festival de Cine Internacional de Barcelona, Spain; Tam Tam, Italy; Cannes Short Film Corner, France; Houston Worldfest, TX; American Indian, CA; Berkeley, CA; Big Apple, NY; Big Sky, MT; Far North Environmental, Alaska; Golden, CO; Golden Lion , Swaziland; Forest Grove , OR; Cannes Short Film Corner, France; Long Island International Film Expo, NY; Cine, MT; True West, ID; Route 66, IL; International Family Film Festival, CA; Woodstock Museum , NY; Rehoboth Beach Independent, DE; West Chester, PA; Long Island, NY; Aurora Awards, UT.

2. URGENT: HOW SHOULD WE SEE PEOPLE?: 2001; 60-seconds

A public service film in response to the 9/11 attack which began airing in October 2001.

3. WHAT DOES A PERSON DESERVE?: 1999; 60/109 seconds

A public service film against homelessness and hunger showing the unbearable suffering people are enduring because of economic injustice in America. The film makes vivid the reality of people as it asks the urgent question first asked by Eli Siegel, poet, educator, and founder of Aesthetic Realism: “What does a person deserve by being alive?” Harburg Foundation grant; endorsed by National Coalition for the Homeless, and others. Broadcast nationally on TV and worldwide via NBC satellite, and shown in movie theatres.

1. (1999) Silver Cindy Award

2. “Best PSA for the Year 2000”—Santa Clarita International Film Festival

3. United Nations Association Film Festival, Stanford University, CA.

4. THE HEART KNOWS BETTER: 1995; 60-seconds

A public service film against racism based on this statement by Eli Siegel: “It will be found that black and white man have the same goodnesses, the same temptations, and can be criticized in the same way. The skin may be different, but the aorta is quite the same.” Through animated graphics, the film shows that in our very structure–our hearts–something deep within a person different from oneself–is like oneself. UN High Commission on Human Rights selected it for Human Rights Day in Geneva, 2001. Playing worldwide on TV, including by US Dept. of Defense; and nationally in movie theatres, and professional sports arenas—NY Yankees play it at every game.

1. (1995) Emmy Award for Outstanding Public Service Announcement.

2. (1996) WorldFest Charleston—Bronze Award.

3. (1996) Cindy Bronze Award.

5. BRUSHSTROKES: 1990; 6½ minutes

An animated film produced for the United Nations, showing—through humor—the ridiculousness of prejudice—how foolish a person looks when he tries to be superior to people different from himself or herself. Brooklyn Children's Museum, 2001; Children's Film Festival, L.A. & N.Y. Museum of Broadcasting & Radio.

1. (1991) ASIFA-EAST—Coe Award, Best Children's Film

2. (1991) American Film & Video Festival—Honorable Mention

3. (1990) 4th Biennial Earth Peace International Film Festival—Finalist

4. (1991) ASIFA-EAST—2nd Prize, Concept

5. (1990) Pyong Yang Film Festival—Cultural Relations Prize

6. (1990) Cinnamina Film Festival—Finalist

6. ASIMBONANGA: 1988; 6½ minutes

Anti-apartheid film funded by the United Nations. Combining photography, animation and live-action choreographed to the song “Asimbonanga” performed by Joan Baez and written by Johnny Clegg, this [anti-apartheid] film depicts the injustice, the cruelty of apartheid in South Africa. [Produced for the United Nations.]

1. (1989) Newark Black Film Festival—Paul Robeson Award

2. (1989) Sacramento International Film & TV Festival—Gold Star Award

3. (1989) Sinking Creek Film Festival—Director's Choice Award

4. (1989) Humboldt Film Festival—Reel Choice Award

5. (1989) Asbury Short Film Festival—Best of U.S.

6. (1989) Atlanta Film & Video Festival—Director's Choice Award

7. (1989) ASIFA-EAST Animation Festival—2nd Prize, Concept

8. (1989) ASIFA-EAST Animation Festival—3rd Prize, Direction

9. (1989) Big Muddy Film Festival—Honorable Mention.

10. (1989) Eastbourne International Film & TV Festival on UN Themes

11. (1989) New York Expo Certificate of Merit

12. (1989) BANFF Television Festival

7 . REAGANOCCHIO: 1984; 5 minutes

An anti-war, short humorously but seriously depicting and criticizing the contempt Ronald Reagan had for people and nations. Through the combination of animation and still photography, we see the former President physiognomically trapped by his own words in this ironic transformation of his nose.

Included in many film festivals such as the Canadian International Animation Festival, Edinburgh International Film Festival, and Tyneside Film Festival, and in 1997 on HBO's “Politically Incorrect” show. It is part of Cartoongate, the video collection of animated political films distributed by Kino Films.

8. DIRECTOR: Animated television series:

1. CLIFFORD'S PUPPY DAYS (2006) Scholastic

2 . DOUG - (1991-1994) Jumbo Pictures - Nominated for Emmys (1993 & 1994)

3. THE HEAD - (1995) MTV Animation

4. DARIA - (1996) MTV Animation


Clasky-Csupo/Nickelodeon Network The Horse That Played Center Field; Hanna-Barbera's Joke Book; Drawing Power; Mighty Man; Deputy Dawg; and others.

9. PRODUCED & ANIMATED: 1969-2006 films for Sesame Workshop:

1. SESAME STREET—Received a 1997 Emmy Award for contributions to the show.

2. 3-2-1 CONTACT







Documentary about the founder of Aesthetic Realism, Eli Siegel, teaching a class. Televised that year on Channel 13, WNET-TV, in New York.

11. CRUNCH BIRD. Animation Director. 35 mm, color, 78 min.

Feature-length film based on the Academy Award-winning short.


The Godfather, Parts I & II, Serpico, The Great Gatsby, Mommie Dearest, Heaven's Gate, Hair, Star Trek II, The Sting II, Papillion, Conan the Destroyer, Cotton Club, Body Heat, A Chorus Line, among others.


Black & Decker, NBC, Alcoa, Standard Oil, Thom McCann, YardMan, Kraft's, Manufacter's Hanover Trust, Lazee-Boy, Dodge Boys, Dallas Morning News, Belmont Park, Armstrong Carpets, Detroit Free Press, Aqueduct, and more.


Jumbo Pictures, MTV, Children's Television Workshop & Sesameworkshop, Eleuthyra Films, Kim & Gifford Productions, Electra Productions, CBS, NBC, Hubley Studios, CBS Terrytoons, Pablo Ferro Films, Hankinson Studio, Pelican Films, Crunch-Bird Studios, Clasky/Csupo Productions, HRB Productions, New York City Opera at Lincoln Center, Mego International, MRC Films, Harold Friedman Consortium, and others

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